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Pneuflex is manufacturing pneumatic fittings, composite & brass push-in fittings, push to connect fittings, plastic & sintered silencers, brass fittings, flow control valves and plastic tubing.
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/ / / Double Male Banjo

Double Male Banjo

Double Male Banjo connects two tubings at a 90° angle to a female threaded port. Tightened on the top of the fitting by use of a flat wrench or a socket wrench.Push-in Double Male Banjo

1) The two tubings can be 360° swiveled easily.

2) Connects metric tubing size from 4mm to 12mm.

3) Connects inch tubing size from 1/4" to 1/2".

4) Accepts BSPT, BSPP and NPT thread.

Meanwhile, Pneuflex is also designing Triple Male Banjo.

Contact Pneuflex for more information now.

Metric Tube (mm)- PT, R, BSPT Thread

Part No. Push-in Tube ΦD(mm) Thread (PT, R, BSPT)
PHD 04-01 4mm R1/8
PHD 04-02 4mm R1/4
PHD 06-01 6mm R1/8
PHD 06-02 6mm R1/4
PHD 06-03 6mm R3/8
PHD 06-04 6mm R1/2
PHD 08-01 8mm R1/8
PHD 08-02 8mm R1/4
PHD 08-03 8mm R3/8
PHD 08-04 8mm R1/2
PHD 10-01 10mm R1/8
PHD 10-02 10mm R1/4
PHD 10-03 10mm R3/8
PHD 10-04 10mm R1/2
PHD 12-02 12mm R1/4
PHD 12-03 12mm R3/8
PHD 12-04 12mm R1/2

*M8, M10, M12, M14, M16 and M20 thread are also available. Pls contact with our Sales.

Inch Tube - PT, R, BSPT Thread

Part No. Push-in Tube ΦD(Inch) Thread (PT, R, BSPT)
PHD 5/32-01 5/32" R1/8
PHD 5/32-02 5/32" R1/4
PHD 1/4-01 1/4" R1/8
PHD 1/4-02 1/4" R1/4
PHD 1/4-03 1/4" R3/8
PHD 1/4-04 1/4" R1/2
PHD 5/16-01 5/16" R1/8
PHD 5/16-02 5/16" R1/4
PHD 5/16-03 5/16" R3/8
PHD 5/16-04 5/16" R1/2
PHD 3/8-01 3/8" R1/8
PHD 3/8-02 3/8" R1/4
PHD 3/8-03 3/8" R3/8
PHD 3/8-04 3/8" R1/2
PHD 1/2-02 1/2" R1/4
PHD 1/2-03 1/2" R3/8
PHD 1/2-04 1/2" R1/2

Inch Tube - NPT Thread

Part No. Push-in Tube ΦD(Inch) Thread (PT, R, BSPT)
PHD 5/32-N01 5/32" R1/8
PHD 5/32-N02 5/32" R1/4
PHD 1/4-N01 1/4" R1/8
PHD 1/4-N02 1/4" R1/4
PHD 1/4-N03 1/4" R3/8
PHD 1/4-N04 1/4" R1/2
PHD 5/16-N01 5/16" R1/8
PHD 5/16-N02 5/16" R1/4
PHD 5/16-N03 5/16" R3/8
PHD 5/16-N04 5/16" R1/2
PHD 3/8-N01 3/8" R1/8
PHD 3/8-N02 3/8" R1/4
PHD 3/8-N03 3/8" R3/8
PHD 3/8-N04 3/8" R1/2
PHD 1/2-N02 1/2" R1/4
PHD 1/2-N03 1/2" R3/8
PHD 1/2-N04 1/2" R1/2

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