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Pneumatic Sintered Silencers & Mufflers - PSU Porous Plastic Silencers

Porous plastic silencers are used on the exhausts of valves to reduce the noise and prevent metal chips, abrasive grits, dust and other contaminants from entering open exhaust ports and causing premature valve failure. Porous plastic silencers are more compact, efficient and lightweight.

Available thread types and sizes:

• PT, R, BSPT; NPT; BSPP, G; Metric Thread
• 1/8" to 1"
Plastic Mufflers, Porous Plastic Silencers, Plastic Silencer    Fluid Admitted Compressed Air
   Max Working Pressure 2MPa | 300psi
   Working Temperature -20°C—80°C | -4°F—175°F
   Body(noise absorbing material) Polyethylene(PE)
   Base(thread) Acetal Plastic
Thread Standard and Type
PT, R, BSPT - 55° Taper Pipe Thread
R1/8 R1/4 R3/8 R1/2 R3/4 R1 R1.1/4 R1.1/2 R2
BSPP, G - 55° Parallel Pipe Thread
G1/8 G1/4 G3/8 G1/2 G3/4 G1 G1.1/4 G1.1/2 G2
UNF NPT - 60°American Standard Taper Pipe Thread
10-32UNF NPT1/8 NPT1/4 NPT3/8 NPT1/2 NPT3/4 NPT1 NPT1.1/4 NPT1.1/2 NPT2
Metric Thread
M5 x 0.8 M6 x 1 M8 x 1 M10 x 1 M12 x 1.25 M14 x 1.5 M16 x 1.5 M20 x 1.5

PT, R, BSPT Thread

Part No. PT, R, BSPT Thread
PSU 01 R1/8
PSU 02 R1/4
PSU 03 R3/8
PSU 04 R1/2
PSU 06 R3/4
PSU 08 R1

BSPP, G Thread

Part No. BSPP, G Thread
PSU G01 G1/8
PSU G02 G1/4
PSU G03 G3/8
PSU G04 G1/2
PSU G06 G3/4
PSU G08 G1

NPT Thread

Part No. NPT Thread
PSU N01 NPT1/8
PSU N02 NPT1/4
PSU N03 NPT3/8
PSU N04 NPT1/2
PSU N06 NPT3/4

Metric Thread

Part No. Metric Thread
PSU M8 M8 x 1
PSU M10 M10 x 1
PSU M12 M12 x 1.25
PSU M14 M14 x 1.5
PSU M16 M16 x 1.5
PSU M20 M20 x 1.5


*Information contained herein may be changed without prior notification.

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